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Hula hoop school coming to Hampshire!

After the busiest few months we have ever had at Globe Fit of hula hoop workshops, school clubs, classes and parties we have realised that the demand for what we offer is here to stay and from September we will be launching our very own 'Hula hoop school' in Fareham (Hampshire). This school will give those who love hooping as much as we do more of an opportunity to refine their skills and progress further in the art of hula hooping. We have also been holding open auditions for our very first hula hoop troupe which will perform and audition for a number of events and competitions next year including Britain's Got Talent 2018!

Our hula hoop school is open to anyone from the age of 4 to 110 years old! We will be running the school at Fareham college on a Saturday morning during term time and the school will include classes in hoop tricks, technique, choreography, flow and performance. We are also offering a separate acro class to help pupils with flexibility and acrobatic skills which are an important component of hula hooping.

We can't wait to get started in September and are really looking forward to seeing where this will take us in the coming months! To register your interest in becoming one of our first hula hoop school pupils please email

One of our favourite hoop dancers that we look to for inspiration is the U.S hooper Audrey Scherer! A clip of Audrey's beautiful hoop dance (or flow as it is known to hoopers):

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