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Globe Fit launch U.K's first ever hula hoop championships!

After months of searching high and low for events and competitions that our hula hoop school children could attend we were close to giving up as there really was nothing out there apart from a few variety shows and competitions. And then it dawned on us that we could set something up ourselves and create an event and competition that our hula hoop school children and many others from across the UK can attend! So this is it... The launch of the very first U.K Hula Hoop Championships which will take place in Spring 2019. The competition will have a number of competitive and non competitive categories and will be open to everyone to enter. Some of the categories will include solo, duo, group, hoop acro, adults and more. The panel of judges will be external to Globe Fit and will include international hoop performers, gymnasts and choreographers.

Every other sporting event has an event or competition associated to it so it's about time that hula hooping put's it's stamp on the competition map. We are so excited to be launching an event that will bring hula hoopers together from across the UK and help promote the amazing activity that is Hula Hooping. Venue and date will be announced shortly!

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