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Can't make it to a class? No problem! We have the perfect solution for you in the form of our online 'Learn to hula hoop' programme which can be done in your own time at a time and place of your choosing.


What will you need to begin?

You will need a fitness/dance hoop for your core hooping and you may wish to use a lighter child's/hand hoop for any arm exercises although your fitness/dance hoop can also be used for arm exercises and tricks.

You will need some space for hooping. When the weather is good there's nothing better than hooping outdoors in the fresh air.

You will need a degree of patience at the start. It may take you a while to find your rhythm and coordination and until you find it the hoop may keep dropping initially. You do need to persevere though and we promise you that through persistence you will get there. Once that hoop stays up and stops falling you will feel a great sense of achievement. 

If you are purchasing the 4 week programme then you will also need access to a computer or mobile device so that you are able to login to this site and view your weekly classes and tasks.

If you have any queries or are experiencing any difficulties accessing the course or facebook group please email 

Before you begin try and master the basics of how to waist hoop...
Posture is extremely important and ideally you should begin with the feet in a wide stance. Feet should remain in contact with the floor, knees should be soft and the hoop should rest firmly at the base of the spine. Stand tall through the spine keeping the abdominals pulled in and the shoulders down. Keep the elbows up so that they do not knock into the hoop. Use the power of your arms to help you push the hoop around the body. Start on your best direction (this is the direction in which it feels most natural for you to spin your hoop).
Once you have mastered waist hooping in  your best direction you can then try and master it in your opposite direction and ideally you should try to hoop on both directions for an equal amount of time. 
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