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Launched in 2022 the VISIONARY teen enterprise project was created to inspire and motivate 11 - 16 year olds across the UK

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Technology Class

Globe Fit’s project ‘Visionary’ incorporates elements from both business and education in
order to inspire and unite groups of young adults across Britain.

The concept of Visionary allows groups of youths to meet together at a venue and create
various enterprises throughout the week. Upon arrival, they will be placed into groups and
allocated a challenge; they will then have a set amount of time to complete said challenges.


One of the challenges presented will be a budgeting/healthy cooking challenge;
chaperoned, they will go on a trip to a local supermarket and will be provided with a certain
amount of money that they will use to purchase ingredients for everybody’s lunch that day.
They will then return to the venue and- with the help of one of our leaders- will cook lunch
for the group.

Before leaving for the supermarket, they will be given a set of criteria to follow (e.g. how
much fruit/veg will be required, any dietary requirements from the group etc) so to give
some structure to the challenge. However, the purpose of the challenge is to offer
independence and creative control to the group in order to improve their social and
productive skills.

The other groups will be given a different type of challenge, where which they will have to
create a new concept (e.g. a new fitness model, a new budget airline etc) and will have to
produce a pitch to present their business plan (which will then be delivered to our guest
speaker that afternoon). They will be given help from a leader who will have valuable
experience in entrepreneurialism, and they will have a set of criteria to follow within their
business plan in order to make it as authentic as possible.

In addition to the challenges, we will be bringing in guest speakers to
discuss their careers and provide a Q&A session. Furthermore, we will be running
workshops each day on different aspects of careers (e.g. a CV writing workshop, a workshop
on ‘Interview Etiquette’, a session on marketing etc.) and will also be offering work
experience for the youths in the future at Globe Fit Holiday Clubs (upon completion of the
program and after a succesfulinterview).

We are also planning to bring in some guest fitness instructors in order to inspire the group
regarding exercise; Globe Fit strongly believes in the power that exercise, mindfulness and
meditation has on your mind, and with mental health illnesses in young people rising more
and more each year, we believe it is incredibly important to provide teens with the tools
they need in order to look after both their mind and body.

We believe Visionary has the potential to inspire and drive young people towards achieving
their dreams; dreams that- for some- they don’t even realise they have yet.

Our VISIONARY projects will be running at various locations across the U.K in 2023. To view and book our upcoming workshops please book below. 

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