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Who would have ever thought that a plastic circle could bring so much joy to so many?

Globe Fit has been bringing hula hoop dance and fitness classes to people across the globe since 2013.

Our adults and children's classes are on offer in the form of face to face workshops and classes as well as in an online format of classes and courses which can be taken in your own time.


What can hula hooping do for you?

✔️ Improve your coordination
✔️ Improve flexibility 
✔️ Burn an average of 💯 calories per 10 mins
✔️ Helps boost metabolism 
✔️ Breaks down fat cells 
✔️ Increases muscle strength
✔️ Increases confidence 
✔️ Makes you laugh!


For in person classes in your area please contact us

Our online beginners 'Learn to hula hoop' course can be purchased here and hula hoops can be purchased via our online shop

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