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Experience a truly unique format of fitness which can be enjoyed by every age and ability. With dance routines from all seven continents of the globe (some argue there are six), a Globe Fit DANCE class will inspire you to move in ways you never imagined. Globe Fit DANCE fuses modern with tradition and will open your mind to the world we live in. Choreography is kept simple yet fun and during a class you could be dancing anything from a well known style such as the Cuban Salsa to a more traditional style such as the Italian Tarantella.



Globe Tots

Globe Tots

Globe Tots is a fun and educational pre-school programme aimed at the under 5’s which offers fun and educational sessions that will take youngsters on a cultural learning experience through music, dance, language and storytelling.

These sessions work closely with the EYFS curriculum and aim to promote the importance of cultural awareness and language skills from an early age as well as improving social skills.


Globe Hoola

Hoola Fitness

Globe Fit takes hooping (the traditional dance style of the Native Americans) to the next level. We offer class formats for both adults and children as well as bespoke parties and children's holiday clubs. The benefits of hooping for health and fitness are proven. These classes are extremely fun and effective and just 10 minutes of waist hooping can burn up to approximately 100 calories. In these classes you will not just learn how to hoop on your waist but you will also be introduced to the world of hoop dance and have the opportunity to learn a huge variety of circus tricks. These classes are available in both fitness and dance formats and guarantee plenty of fun for all ages! 



Latest News And Articles From GlobeFit

The Globe Fit brand was created in 2013 by Hannah Murphy. Hannah used her life experiences of travel and dance to create a brand which could combine all the things she was passionate about as well as promote unity in the world. 

Hannah grew up in the UK and danced throughout her childhood and teens, she then went on to study dance and choreography at A level. Alongside dance, foreign language and geography were Hannah's favorite subjects throughout her school and... more

Join us as we learn the basics of the Spanish language over 14 days.Each day starting from today we will be introducing you to a new Spanish word or phrase. To receive our FREE tutorials all you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list...



The Globe Fit Hoola team are thrilled to annouce that we will be launching our Instructor training programme in Dublin - Ireland this August 20th! We will be hosting our level one course at the Dance Ireland HQ, better known as the 'Dance House' located in Dublin's city centre. Our instructor training has been incredibly popular in the UK and we are now branching out into Europe. This course would suit dance and fitness instructors as well as school teachers or anyone with an interest... more

On Saturday May 7th we hosted a Globe Fit DANCE Instructor training day at the EMD Academy studios in West Sussex. Trainees came from across the UK to be trained in our unique dance programme. Our new recruits will shortly be starting classes in their areas and we can't wait to share the news of their launch with you!